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15 Amazing Movie facts that you didn't know about

May 30, 2020
15 Amazing Movie facts that you  didn't know about
There are different kinds of movie fans- those who appreciate the art and hard work behind film making, those who are obsessed with tiny factoids and those who watch jus for mere entertainment or just to kill time when they're bored, hopefully, to get entertained.  
Regardless of how wonderful a movie is, what you see on the big screen is not always the best as compared to what was left behind the scenes. There is so much more to it!! 

Movies are magical, are undeniably interesting yet so curious.  A lot happens in the set cherished by the crew, actors and actresses which makes it fun and memorable. 
Here are some of the craziest yet interesting fun facts you didn't know before! Let the Fun Begin! 

The Matrix 

Woo-Ping Yuen is a Kung Fu Choreographer who declined to work on the movie hoping to get an extravagant pay, eventually turning off the offer but it didn't. He agreed on the condition that he will have complete control of the stunts and fights, also trained the fighters for 4 months. 

Guardians of the galaxy 

Chris Pratt as Peter Quill stole his Star-Lord costume when he went to visit ill children in the hospital who might want to meet the Star-Lord. 


Georgie Henley who played the role of Lucy in the Chronicles of Narnia's reaction to Mr Tumnus was remarkably brilliant. She had not seen her cast colleague in the costume before the scene was filmed, hence her screams and instant reactions were real. Her reaction when she blindfolds into the snow world is also real. 

The Revenant

Even though Leonardo DiCaprio is a vegan, he guzzled down a raw slab of bison's liver, he also learnt to speak 2 Native American languages-Arikara and Pawnee, learnt to build a fire, as well as shoot a musket for the movie. He also dubbed the character in this movie as the hardest performance ever.

Man of Steel 

Henry William Dalgliesh Cavill, best known for his portrayal of the DC Comics character Superman declined the intake of steroids to gain muscle. He also rejected enhancement of the body virtually or any digital touch. Henry revealed it would be dishonest for him to use such tricks to play the role of Superman, instead, he chose to push his body to the limit and develop his physique for the worthy character he played. 

I am Legend 

Abbey the German shepherd who played Sam in the movie -I am Legend is now 13. Will smith got so attached to his canine -co-star that he decided to adopt it but the owner obviously wouldn't let him adopt Abbey she was so dear to him More like a family member. The owner declined Abbey to be adopted. 

 Jurassic Park(1993)

The velociraptor raspy bark, a basic means of communication is the same as the tortoise having sex. It was embarrassing for the crew to disclose it but the movie was worth it.  The sound was used for the dinosaur's communication. 

The Dark Knight 

Heath Ledger who played the role of Joker isolated himself in a Motel room for about a month and 2 weeks in preparation for the role. He dived deep into the psychology of the character, devoted himself to developing the sadistic laugh. 

Star Trek

The loud sound of the automated door in the U.S.S Enterprise was that of a Russian train's toilet being flushed which has a loud sound. 

 The Terminator 

Arnold Schwarzenegger during a break in filming the Terminator went to a downtown restaurant in Los Angeles and realised too late that he was still in film makeover - the missing eyeball, burned flesh and ripped jawbone. The crowd went crazy over the cool makeover! 

Django Unchained

Leonardo DiCaprio played the role of Calvin Candie and smashed his hands on the dining table. Accidently he broke a small stemmed glass with his palm, resulting in excess bleeding. He remained calm into his character and overlooked the pain. Quentin Tarantino the director of the movie was impressed and the room had no choice and burst into a standing ovation. 

The Slumdog Millionaire 

The director of Slumdog Millionaire, Danny Boyle gave the earnings to pay to the 3 lead child actors in a trust to be released to them at the conclusion of their grade school at 16. The production setup hired an auto-rickshaw driver to take the children to school daily until they turn 16. 


For the cornfield in the movie, Christopher Nolan the director of Interstellar grew about 500 hundred acres of corn which he learnt it was possible from the movie Man of steel (producer) in 2017 which turned out successful. Later the corn was sold and made a profit out of it. 

Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring

Sean Bean, who played Boromir was scared of flying and the cast majority flew to remote locations via helicopters to shoot. While preparing for the scenes Bean spent every morning jumping from the base of the mountain to the top to get over his fear. The crew flown up countlessly saw him practising. 

Dallas Buyers Club

The movie's budget was too low that they had to hinge the makeup for $250.The characters worked with that and interestingly the Film hairstylists and makeup crew won the Oscar. 

"I'm Alive and Kicking it" : Kim Jong-un, Corona and Deadly Secrets

April 27, 2020
"I'm Alive and Kicking it" : Kim Jong-un, Corona and Deadly Secrets

"I'm Alive and Kicking it" : Kim,Corona and Deadly Secrets 

Kim Jong-un  aged  36 years is the third and the youngest son of Korean military leader Kim Jong-il, who, under the Communist Worker's Party, had ruled North Korea since 1994; and the grandson of Kim Il-sung, his father's predecessor.

Lately, we've been hearing a lot of rumours and speculations about the death of the supreme leader of North Korea and uncertain to believe it. Some sources say he died of Corona and some of the heart attack. Sources have been emphasizing to the fact that he was in a coma. 
These were just the speculations and not the actual truth, well it's still so uncertain as no direct declaration from the regime has been made yet. 

“Our government position is firm,” Moon Chung-in, a special adviser on national security to the South Korean president, Moon Jae-in, said in an interview with CNN on Sunday. “Kim Jong-un is alive and well.”

So many of us must be thinking 'How did such a  rumour spread? ' 
(Well it does have many downright factors to it) 

The downplaying rumours and the conjecture about his health issues spread like a wildfire on the birthday anniversary (15th April) of North Korea’s founding father and Kim’s grandfather, Kim Il-sung- the most important day in the country's calendar and Kim never actually missed it. 

It began with the conspicuous absence of Kim on Saturday when he missed another national holiday, North Korea’s Military Foundation Day which further unleashed a series of media reports and comments worldwide of the unsurety of the supreme leader's whereabouts and leading to fuelling speculation about his health.

He was last reported at  North Korea’s state media when he presided over a meeting of the ruling party’s politburo on 11 April.

Kim has not made a public appearance since then and his absence has unleashed a series of unconfirmed rumours about his health and death. Officials in Beijing and Seoul has insisted that nothing to confirm that Kim is unwell. 

“We have nothing to confirm and no special movement has been detected inside North Korea as of now,” the South’s presidential office said in a statement last week.

 He had heart surgery and several reports stated the operation went wrong as the doctor's hands were shaking and Kim was in a 'vegetative state'. South Korea has dismissed certain reports about Kim's serious illness. Three different anonymous sources have stated that a team of doctors from China has been despatched on Thursday and stated that no suspicious move has been detected and everything appeared in the state affairs normal. 

Kim Jong's train spotted

As the rumour speculates about the poor health and the death of the ruler, satellite images show the train parked at Wonsan’s ‘leadership station’. 
 Photograph: Planet Labs/Reuters

A satellite image of the train of the ruler being parked at the' leadership training ' compound in a resort town in Wonsan located about 200km east of the capital, Pyongyang. since 21st April, later the train appears to be repositioned fo the departure but there wasn't any information of when it might leave. 

According to the 38th North Report: “The train’s presence does not prove the whereabouts of the North Korean leader or indicate anything about his health but it does lend weight to reports that Kim is staying at an elite area on the country’s eastern coast,”  Some South Korean media outlets have cited that Kim has been staying in Wonsan. 


Kim Jong-un's whereabouts are protected with intense security and secrecy so very few know these details and in such crucial times, it is impossible to confirm the speculations as no direct statement have been declared by North Korea. Reporting from North Korea is difficult because of the tight regime and security controls on information. 

Newsweek quoted a senior unnamed Pentagon official as saying: “We have observed no indications or received any additional information to make a conclusive assessment on the status of North Korean leadership or the health of Kim Jong-un.”

Donald Trump on Thursday told  “I think the report was incorrect,” and declined to reveal if he had been in contact with China or North Korea. 

Not the first time 

It's not the first time of Kim's absence from the public. Back in 2014 he lost out of sight and reappeared five weeks later using a walking stick after had undergone surgery to remove a cyst from his ankle. He has vanished more than a month amidst the rumours about his health

 Kim's health has been taken into consideration because of his smoking, obesity and a family history of cardiovascular problems. 

List of services that will remain open after April 20 across India

April 18, 2020
List of services that will remain open after April 20 across India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced an extension of lockdown till May 3. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, the central government has implemented additional measures to contain the spread of the disease and to afloat the economy. However since the lockdown has been extended the central government has clarified the activities that will remain open all over India from April 20.

   The Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has informed the list of activities that will remain open after April 20 using his Twitter handle.

All health services (including AYUSH) to remain functional

All agricultural and horticulture activities to remain fully functional

Operations of the fishing (marine/inland) aquaculture industry to remain functional

Plantation activities such as tea, coffee and rubber plantation to remain functional with  a maximum of 50% of workers

Animal husbandry activities to remain functional

The financial sector to remain functional

The social sector to remain functional

MNREGA works are allowed with strict implementations of social distancing and face mask

Public Utilities to remain functional

Movement of loading and unloading of goods/cargo (inter or intra) state is allowed

Online teaching / distant learning to be encouraged

Supply of essential goods is allowed

Commercial and Private establishment will be allowed to operate

Industrial/Industries Establishments (both Government and Private) will be allowed to operate

Private vehicles for emergency services, including medical veterinary care and for procuring essential commodities and all personnel traveling to place for work in exempted categories as per the instructions of state /UTs local authority are allowed

Offices of Government of  India and Offices of the State and UT Government will remain open


The COVID-19 cases that are reported in India have crossed over 14000. the current numbers are 14792 with positive cases, 2155 recovered and 488 deaths. Still people break the lockdown protocol and social distancing norms.

All we need to do is stay at home, avoid meeting people, only go out for emergencies with a face mask and don't forget to wash your hands with sanitizer.

3 things needed to make Internets new favourite drink :World Just Discovered Beaten Coffee and Dalgona Trending

March 31, 2020
3 things needed to make Internets new favourite drink :World Just Discovered Beaten Coffee and Dalgona Trending

Dalgona Whipped Coffee

Dalgona is the latest fad taken the internet by storm. It's crazily amazing! One night while scrolling down the newsfeed I saw this recipe trending and its simple ingredients got me baffled! Just 3 easily available kitchen ingredients are needed for this extravagant, luxurious drink! Its creamy texture takes you to another world! It's a new Tik Tok trend which spread all over the Globe. 
Many of us must have seen it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other Social media platforms. 

Korean Honeycomb toffee

Dalgona is similar to Korean Honeycomb toffee. Whipped coffee in South Korea is known as Dalgona that's how it gets the name. 

It's super EASY to make and I never imagined in my wildest dreams that it would taste so rich and creamy just like the way it's served in expensive posh cafes. 

All you need is Coffee,Sugar and milk! WOW!

STEP 1 : Add 2 teaspoon of sugar with 2 teaspoons of Ground Coffee  

STEP 2: Whisk it well until you see the thick creamy froth of lightish brown 

STEP 3 : Add the thick layer of froth in a glass of milk 

TADAA! There you have it! 

After preparing you can garnish it with dark chocolate flakes and caramel candies for better alluring results! 
Some like it cold while some hot. If you're the cool one then go for some ice cubes and if the hot one get it in some warm milk! 

It's one my favourite recipe during this lazy quarantine time. All you need is your Dalgona Coffee, a cosy bed and a Book to read or NETFLIX! 

Hope you like it and comment below your experience! 

These Coronavirus Facts give hope for a Brighter Tomorrow

March 30, 2020
These Coronavirus Facts give hope for a Brighter Tomorrow

Positive Cornavirus Facts to stay hopeful:  Brighter Tomorrow

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot about COVID-19, top news headlines flashing with deaths and affected numbers, social media flooded with facts and myths, friends and families aiding each other. By now many of us are familiar with its causes, prevention, and the way it spreads. Hearing and watching all this around was definitely scary and wished it to be a dream not come true but you can’t escape reality, right?

The panic phase after reading the rumours, triple forwarded WhatsApp texts, News and phone calls, projected things scarier.
Among all these chaos I decided to look for some positive facts and news portraying that humanity is still not dead. Let's look at the brighter side! the condition all over is improving and soon everything will be back normal! Isn't it glorious?
Here's a list of all the positive Coronavirus FACTS for you and your family to stay hopeful.

The outbreak also led to violence, tensions and frustration among the people. People fighting over food and wage workers struggling to get back home, walking innumerable miles, Doctors and medical staffs risking and fighting over to protect the affected, and death rates increasing in number day by day resulted in less hope and higher vulnerability of distress.
Currently, the total number of cases in India rose to 1251 with 102 cured/discharged and 32 casualties.

1. Coronavirus Hospitals closed in China

  China has closed its last coronavirus hospital because there are not enough cases.

Wuhan medical staffs remove the mask after last temporary hospital closed

  • A 103-year-old woman becomes the oldest person to beat disease -that's AMAZING!!
  • Two coronavirus patients discharged from the isolation ward of government medical college in Kottayam, Kerala. They were aged 91 and 88.

More than 165,000 people have recovered from COVID-19 around the world!!

 2. India’s first COVID-19 Test Kit-'Pathos Detect

  ‘Pathos Detect’  is India’s first COVID-19 Test Kit designed by Minal Dakhave Bhosale and her team. The kit gives the diagnosis in two and a half hours while the imported testing kits take six-seven hours. It’s a blessing in the medical circles and pandemics. This created a sense of assurance of accurate results. 

3.  Microsoft founder and billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates gave away  50 million dollars for the development of vaccines and treatment to stop COVID-19.

4.  Cuba sends doctors worldwide in Coronavirus fight. The country has more than 29,000 medical professionals practising in 59 countries and has sent 52 doctors and nurses to Italy for helping the needy in this crisis. 

5. Australian researchers claimed to have found two drugs- an HIV and anti-malaria medicine -- to treat novel coronavirus. 

6.  Schools and colleges are using zoom and different online platforms to connect with the students and teachers. Teachers are using creative and interesting ways to deliver their lecture-Education matters

7.    A personal trainee from Spain is leading free fitness from the rooftop of his building for all his neighbours while they are stuck in their apartments during the lockdown.

8.    State governments in India are ramping up efforts to provide financial assistance to compensate businesses and people, particularly daily or contract wage earners-incredible gesture

  • Haryana -The state government of Haryana has announced special financial assistance for people in the Below Poverty Line (BPL) category and low wage workers. All BPL families will be provided, monthly rations for the month of April free of cost.

  • Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has doubled the pension for widows, differently-abled and elderly for this month.

  • Kerala-The Kerala government has decided to facilitate loans worth Rs 2,000 crore to the people affected with Corona outbreak and foodgrains provided to families from all spectrum whether they are below the poverty line or not.
  • Himachal Pradesh -The government has announced Rs 500-crore relief package for the poor and the needy, and Rs 30 crore for construction workers who will be affected due to coronavirus outbreak. 

9.    Grocery stores and supermarkets  in the US are setting up special seniors-only hours-incredible precautio

In a world of despair, such news gives us hope and tranquillity during this lockdown and let’s stay positive and grateful!  I hope these positive facts about COVID-19 makes you hopeful for a BRIGHTER TOMORROW!