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Is your phone being tracked? check with these codes

In this world of technology, we will get to see more number of smartphones with each members of the family. But deeply indulging into these technology, we almost forget the security threats that comes with these too. Nowadays hacking a phone can destroy a persons life totally from messing their life, stealing information to wiping their bank. Because these phone has become a huge factor in everyone's life. User's doesn't know whether their device is being tracked or whether their calls are forwarded to somewhere else. So we have brought up some codes to help you check if your device is being tracked somewhere.

CODE *#62#

When someone call you and it says no answer or no service, Dial this code to check if someone has redirected your calls.

CODE *#21#

Dial this code in your device to check if someone has diverted your calls, messages and data to somewhere. By dialing this code you will get the complete details about the number to which the call is being diverted.

CODE *#002#

If your phone is being redirected to somewhere dial this code to de-activate the redirecting service. So that you won't be redirected anymore.

CODE *#*#4636#*#*

This code will give you the hidden features of your phone. Dial this code to gain access to the secret feature, This code will give you information such as phone info, usage stats, wi-fi info etc. Which opens up to more compartments in the menu.