Corona Virus has spread all over the world, how to prevent it? - AJ Thomas

Corona Virus has spread all over the world, how to prevent it?

We all have been hearing the name Corona since last week. The Corona Virus has spread all over China and has taken a lot of lives too. Since it's spreading rapidly it has spread all over the world.Now it has spread into India too.

What is Corona Virus?

Corona viruses are a family of virus that cause deadly diseases in mammals and birds.In human it is spread via air droplets by infected person. Once the virus has entered into the human it can affect the respiratory system which takes the life of the person.

How did it start?

Since corona virus only affects on animals, It is said that it has been infected into human's via snake, which was consumed, there is also another rumor that Wuhan Corona Virus has been genetically made to decrease the population. 

What are the symptoms?

If the person has been infected by Corona Virus there will be symptoms like Coughing, Sneezing, Dry throat, Difficulty to breathe, Diarrhea, Fever etc. If so consult a doctor immediately.

How to prevent it?

Drink a lot of pure water, Wash your hands before touching parts like Eyes, Mouth, Nose etc, Avoid close contact with anyone who has fever and cough, When visiting places affected with corona virus avoid contacts with animals and birds, When going into public places use high quality mask such as abroge mask to prevent infection.

What is the Cure?

Right now no cure has been found. WHO is working on it, The best cure is always prevention.

Do you think that someone genetically made this Virus to wipe out the population? Comment down your thoughts.