We Human's are doing this to our Planet, Horrible - AJ Thomas

We Human's are doing this to our Planet, Horrible

Now a day's we've been facing a lot of natural calamities such as wildfire, drought etc. However we human's are the real reason behind this from excess plastic usage, destroying natural habitat etc. What we really don't understand is that the case has been worsen.

A remote bay in Indonesia. where local residents discard waste directly into sea and rivers because of no infrastructure.

Mexico city one of the most populous city.

Oil field in California, USA.

Coal Power Plant in UK. expels so much waste into our planet.

Tires discarded in Nevada USA, for miles long.

Tar sands, just look at the condition.

Cloths and Goods waste dumped dumped and burning in Bangladesh.

Vancouver Island in Canada, no trees are left.

World's biggest diamond mine in Russia, Dug almost into the inside of earth.

Tar sands and Pit mining so vast that it can be seen from space.

Amazon jungle burns.

Forest leveled for Reservoir development.

More cars than people in Los Angeles.

Rising temperature icebergs are melting.

Electronic waste from around the world shipped into Ghana to burn them.

What do you think you can do to help save the Planet? Suggest some ways. Let's join together to save our planet.